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Hi 👋 Here is Creator Technology Sumatera. User Experience specialists & design agency in Sumatera, Indonesia. — by @tobisantoso
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Revamp Anteraja app’s homepage design with your own design style and taste. Also, incorporate these feature buttons on your homepage:

  • Drop-off & Pick-Up Service
  • Anteraja Mall (online shopping for users)


I started working this UX Case on 18 June 2020 and must submit before 23.59.

Design Process


We are in the middle of building a platform that would encourage influencers to explore their creativity by collaborating with brands (discovery) and join the projects that they like. What we are trying to educate on the market is they will get paid based on their performance. Meaning, Brands don’t pay because of the creator producing the contents in their social media.


How do you plan to build experiences that encourage influencers to discover projects?


The first stage of this UX case is defining the problem statement of the product. This process aims to validate the problem statement and find…

I was one of the people who was greatly helped by the existence of online shopping applications (e-commerce) like Shopee. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like having to come to the mall to shop for the product that I want. Honestly, I often shop at these applications.

By the way, some time ago I was looking for Kebaya for my mother. I have never bought a kebaya and I don’t know which kebaya suits my mother. …


Choose an app that you like and use a lot, describe how you can redesign it and why.

Duration: 1 weeks

KRL Access

KRL Access is an official commuter line application that provides position and schedule commuter line information.


I’m an employee who works from morning to evening. I’m currently living in Cibinong (Bogor) and work in Juanda (Jakarta Pusat). I use public transportation (Commuter Line/KRL) for round-trip. I always use the KRL Access application.

However, KRL arrival schedules are often erratic and not real time. So, I always have to open and close the KRL application to see when the KRL…


IKEA is a Swedish-founded multinational group that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other useful goods and occasionally home services. It has been the world’s largest furniture retailer since at least 2008.


Improve and redesign a small part of the existing experience. Think big, but focus on the details.

Usability Metrics

Metric is a “system or standard of measurement” used for compare the usability of two or more products and to quantify the severity of a usability problem. …

Hello… It’s me Tobi. Evidently… writing in the medium is fun. I will be addicted to this :D

Anyway, I will continue my previous writing about Improving Fintech Apps (Angsur) — UX Case Study — Part 2. After point of view and persona are obtained. Next is to define paint points based on data in the user interview process. The following are the paint points obtained during the user interview process and are defined according to page categories.

  • Pain Point 1: Home Page

Hay hay… I will continue writing about “Improving Fintech Apps (Angsur) — UX Case Study”. If you haven’t read the previous article, please read first here Improving Fintech Apps (Angsur) — UX Case Study — Part 1

Previously we have done usability testing and completion rate results from the existing product have been obtained. Then the respondents filled in the questionnaire System Usability Scale (SUS).

System Usability Scale (SUS)

System Usability Scale (SUS) contains 10 questions where respondents are given a choice of 1–5 scale to be answered based on how much they agree with each question that will be given to the features…

Hay hay… It’s me Tobi. Finally I have free time to write on the medium. After all this time I was busy with many activities such as learning activities in campus, student organizations and the most scary was completing my thesis :’)… But yess! I finished it last September and I will graduate this October. Also, Lately I get a lot of clients for freelance projects from Australia, USA and of course Indonesia, such as web development, logo design and the most certainly is a UI / UX job yeayyy!

Anw, I will evaluate the mobile application in the company…

Product evaluation is very important and becomes an activity in every company that has a product application. Usually in a company, there are divisions and individuals who specialize in this field. The job specialization at the company is usually named UX (User Experience), for example like UX Researcher and UX Designer. Naming it depends on each company, but generally like that. There are two principle methods in evaluating a product that uses the User Centered Design approach. the first is Inspection Methods and the second is User Test.

Inspection Methods

Image by InVisionapp

Have you ever read or heard about “Invision”? Yes! InVision is the digital product design platform used to make the world’s best customer experiences. Also, InVision is a fully distributed company with employees in more than 20 countries around the world.

Long time ago, I subscribed to InVision ecourses about UX. By the way, I am 20 years old, currently studying undergraduate and thirst for knowledge. That’s why I learned from many parties. So, todays i want to share what i learned from Danny one of InVision Employee.

  • User experience designer
  • Visual designer
  • User experience architect
  • Information architect
  • User experience…

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