UX Case Study: Influencers




Research Plan

  • Method: Quantitative Research (Online Survey)
  • Respondent: 10

Because I don’t have access to some influencers to do the research process, I make a persona based on my own personal assumptions and studies.

My assumption is that influencers are always related to social media, so the survey will be distributed to people who are actively using social media.

Research Implementation

Here are the results:

Research conclusions


High-Fidelity Design


Check out the High-fidelity InVision prototype here


  • Satisfaction: The comfort and acceptability of use.

ASQ (After Scenario Questionnaire)


After the user research has been completed, an ideate process is carried out using the low-fidelity prototype method. The next step is to create a high-fidelity prototype and conduct usability testing of five respondents. To measure design success, I use satisfaction metrics. The results can be seen that the design that I made was very successful and the user was satisfied using the product.

However, due to time constraints and limited access to do user research. there are still many things that need to be improved from the design that I have made.

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